Well, That Was Awkward

We all face some pretty awkward experiences in our lives, some of my most vivid awkward times stem from middle school……but we don’t talk about those times, those were very dark times. I’d like to think that as I grow older that I’ll either face less awkward experiences, or I’ll magically know how to handle the situations better and prevent them from getting awkward. Again, I said I’d like to think that’s what would happen, but life doesn’t always go the way we want, and that’s okay!

Here I am, 23 years old, and still find myself freezing up when I see someone that I truly had no desire of ever seeing again. We all have those people; the people that we could do without having interaction with for a really, really long time (forever). They could be an old friend that isn’t so friendly anymore, an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, a family member with some bad history, your significant others’ ex, or pretty much anyone you’ve just had an unpleasant experience with. You know how they talk about everyone having that “fight or flight” response to certain situations? Well when I run into someone I’m trying to avoid, I choose flight, every time. I tend to run away from my problems sometimes, literally. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really an option for me this time, and neither was fight (I’m not much of a fighter anyways), so I decided to compromise. Which brings me to my next words of wisdom,ย advice tip #5:ย kill them with kindness and just a little bit of sass. You don’t have to adopt that last part, but I’m naturally sassy at heart so it’s hard for me to turn down my sass.


Seriously though, “killing” someone with kindness when there’s negative energy between you two is oddly satisfying. Even if they try to push your buttons or set you off, just continue being obnoxiously friendly. Eventually it’ll get to them and they’ll either stop talking or just walk away. Now as I said, I can’t help but be sassy, so if you’re the same way, there’s nothing wrong with having just a little bit of attitude in some situations (in my opinion). Either way, remaining overly friendly won’t warrant you any bad karma so it’s honestly a win-win. I know I can’t just keep avoiding people all the time, even though I’m exceptionally good at it. So I’m going to personally try to work harder at following my own advice, especially when it comes to situations like this because I have a feeling I’ll end up running into this same person again at some point.

I know you’re probably wondering, who did she run into? Who didn’t she want to see? Well…………………………………..I’m not telling you ๐Ÿ™‚ Some business should remain private, right?

Until next time, my friends.


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