Nice to Meet You

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
– Maya Angelou

So, now that I’ve prompted you with some inspirational quote, how did you get here? I don’t just mean how did you stumble upon my blog, because that was most likely a total accident and you’re about to close out this tab in your web browser right now. Or maybe you were lead here somehow. Maybe, just maybe, your mindless browsing brought you here for a reason. I’m going to take a few wild guesses, okay? Here goes.

  1. You literally found this blog by complete accident and you’re bored and have nothing better to read. (ouch) Oh, and your life is normal and you’re just an average person wandering the internet.
  2. You’re looking for a good blog to read, and while I would like to say you’ve come to the right place, that’s totally up for your own interpretation. (less ouch)
  3. You’re struggling with some aspect of your life, and to be honest, everyone does at some point. Whether it’s work, relationships, friends, lifestyle, or eating habits, something just isn’t going the way you’d like. Something about the chaos in your life was drawn to my blog discussing my messy thing I call life. (no offense, seriously)
  4. Your life is perfectly fine and you find amusement and contentment in reading about other people’s life struggles. Seeing the twisted and hectic lives of people surrounding you makes you feel much, much better. That’s okay, I guess. (psycho) We all need to find comfort in something, right?
  5. OR I’m completely wrong and you’re not amused by me whatsoever so now you’re really closing out this tab. In which case, it was nice knowing you for these beautifully short 30 seconds.

If you’re still with me, CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the debut of my messy thing called life. Basically, I’m going to attempt to update this blog as frequently as I can with challenges I face every day, and what lessons I take away from them. My hopes in doing so is to maybe be some great advice guru that can help others that are struggling in life. So, if you like what I have to say, you can take my advice or take your own, although we very rarely do follow our own “words of wisdom”. Well, happy reading, and I genuinely hope you stick around for a while; my life has the potential to become slightly more interesting in the upcoming months. Notice I said potential, no guarantees kiddos.


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